I started with windsurfing in ’86 and from ’99 with kitesurfing. In 1989 and 1990 I spent 2 years in the Columbia River Gorge. The rest mostly in the North Sea and other exotic places around the world.

Mook 2011
Mook 2011

My top seven favourite boards in order of time are:

  1. 1990: Hypertec 7.6 really small and one of the first light sandwhich windsurf board. For those nuclear wind conditions in the Columbia River Gorge.
  2. 1995: Radical 252, Amazing board, first double forward at brutal beach France.
  3. 2011: Mook strapped surfboard, great board to make aerial of the lips , lost this board in big waves in Morroco.
  4. 2013: Pukas P1, incredible kite waveboard which I could borrow from Mor in Klittmoler. Than I ordered one but unfortunatly it broke down in 3 months (actually it was a surfboard).
  5. 2014: Tabou da Curve 74ltr. When it is really big and windy I still use this windsurfboard. Once I went to a friend to ask him to flatten out the rocker by some mm’s , so it would plane a bit earlier. He said that’s pointless because this board has so much rocker, a few mm won’ t matter.
  6. 2017: Tabou da Curve 80ltr, a newer DaCurve with less rocker and a twin fin setup. Very Quick and wavy.
  7. 2019: Appeltree Applino noseless, it took me a while to figure out these boards, please read the coming tests to find out more…
Appelino 2020
Applino 2020