Klokhouse noseless

My first board from appletree was the Applepie than I got the Appleflap Noseless and than the Klokhouse noseless. Appleflap is a dutch treat eaten at the end of the year! My first experience with these 3 boards are quite similar. Sailing them at first you will think what is happening here?

The boards generate so much speed since they are stiff. This results in that you can at least kite 1 or 2 square meter smaller than you are used to. Actually quite amazing! Later I started to measure the scoop rockerline and found out that it is minimal so that also contributes to the experience of speed.


Except for the Applepie the boards don’t bounce and you can sail them really small so for my 72 kg’s in between 5.0 en 5.3 . The boards do well in the surf but since they have a minimal Rocker scoop profile you have to work them a bit. So it really depends what style you like. I you are more into surf you better choose the Applino or Leaf. However, than you have to return to your original kite sizes.

Klokhouse noseless

Appletree uses an infusion technique to build their boards also used in building snowboards. On the deck a honeycomb structure is used so you will not get any dents under your feet. The boards are very well made and look really clean. You will get some dents on the bottom of the board which don’t hamper the overall structure.